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Hi, I'm Michelle , a qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a long and varied food industry background (professional cook, chef, recipe developer, food contamination control, HACCP safety management). Food has always held a strong influence in my life and I've always acknowledged just how important what we eat can really influence our body's health.

Struggling with debilitating sporting injuries I became keenly aware just how much what I ate really influenced how my injuries made me feel in regard, especially, to inflammation and healing. And though I may need surgery in the future, taking care of myself through nutrition is definitely helping and will continue during the healing process.


I had a big 'aha' moment after a serious head injury left me in neurosurgery and full of a cocktail of heavy medications. After being in neurosurgery for some time I felt 'toxic' and wanted to rid myself of these chemicals, I nourished my body with the appropriate foods and the medical experts found my healing and lack of conventional drugs needed post operative to be amazing.


This also became apparent when I nourished my body with foods that better helped modulate these processes allowing me to function each day.

I also suffered with a thyroid issue where I was advised to have my thyroid removed. I was adamant not to do this. I researched alternative methods to avoid this and have thankfully used nutrition to avoid this happening. Now thanks to these changes I have a deeper understanding of how much our bodies can repair themselves.

I became a clinical nutritionist to better understand the actual mechanisms to promote healing and reduce pain within our body by what we choose to eat or not eat.

By understanding these processes in pain management I can help people like yourself achieve even small changes that can make a big difference to the way your body can lower pain and promote healing.

Pain tells us we're alive, but it doesn't mean we have to suffer with it.

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