Crunchy, chocolatey cereal

Natural cacao covered grains/pseudo grain for a magnesium rich and fibre boosting cereal 🥣 to get the ball rolling when you wake up or even as a snack to nibble on!


3 cups rolled oats/steel cut oats

2 cups organic puffed brown rice

1/2 cup organic puffed amaranth

2 Tablespoons coconut or spelt flour

6 heaped Tablespoons of organic cacao powder

Pinch of salt

2 teaspoons pure vanilla essence/paste

1 cup organic pure maple syrup


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine all dry ingredient. Stir around well. 2. Add in vanilla and maple syrup. Stir through ingredients well till all well coated (at first it may not seem like enough syrup but trust me, keep stirring and it will be enough).

3. Lay mixture evenly on lined baking trays. 4. Bake in oven 160 degrees fan forced for 10-15 minutes. Cool and place in an airtight jar/container.

Enjoy healthy food! X

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