That first step...

Say you wanted to climb Mount Everest, would you get straight up from whatever you were doing, book a flight and start climbing?

Of course not!

Accepting challenges and making decisions requires that first step of commitment. When we decide to undertake something whether that be for work, lifestyle, health, relationships or adventure we must commit to that 'first step' to see sustainable results.

When it comes to our health, many people often take that first step without fully committing themselves to reach the outcome. Just as a climber starting at the bottom of base camp decides, do I want to reach the peak, they must also understand there will many arduous steps and testing times along the way. But the reward at the end...well that is what it is all about!

Many people want quick fixes when it comes to getting their health back on track, I've seen and heard so many unsustainable promises, shakes, MLM (multi level marketing) company spiels, 'instant' weight loss solutions, poor detoxification programs, fad diets, 'trendy' ways of eating, meal replacements, pills and more, that it's no wonder today's society is not willing to put the effort in and do their body and health any justice by keeping it simple and just taking the right steps for optimal health.

Majority of the time, these 'quick fixes' (mostly pushed by untrained professionals) are overpriced, act as diuretics (magnesium oxide works as a laxative), work on calorie restrictions (which will of course cause weight loss), are highly processed, contain GMO products, are loaded with synthetic or poor components/fillers/amounts of vitamins or minerals (such as zinc oxide-poorly absorbed, magnesium stearate - a popular excipient) which are cheaper and not well utilised by the body, loaded with sugar, have poor research to back them and are more about making the 'big bucks' rather than improving health.

In today's society most people want things yesterday, but if you are in poor shape from years or a lifetime of not looking after yourself then surely it stands to reason that it will also take a fair amount of time to remedy your health issues.

If you were an average Joe wanting to climb Everest would you go and do it by yourself without time, training, guidance, experience or a Sherpa?

The short answer is no.

Therefore, just as a climber (first step), athlete (first race), student (first exam), artist (first brush stroke) or anyone who wants to achieve their goal understands that progress comes with time and using the right tools, so too must we understand that the body is more than capable of achieving its 'peak' when given the right instruments - essential nutrients, quality sleep, lower stress and time to see results.

Society and fast paced technology has increased demands of human health, we are always go-go-go and I see this in so many cases that this manifests itself in health conditions.

Processed foods of poor nutritional quality, rushed eating, over/under imbalances of vitamins and minerals, inadequate dietary intake of macro-nutrients, stress, fatigue, hormonal disturbances, over medication, these all contribute to our body systems not being able to cope.

Fortunately though, diet and lifestyle modifications play an integral role on how these systems operate and with guidance from a clinical nutritionist, much of these issues can be allayed.

Food is not the enemy and knowing the mechanism of action of how how food and nutrients work for us is the key to unlocking good health!

So let's remember that first step - commitment produces SUSTAINABLE results!

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